Capping Exercises - 2006

 Bissell, Stacey - When the Dam Breaks: Salvaging Water-Damaged Books
 Carter, Julie - Mini-Library Web Design Project
 de Bruin, Lauren - MMOG: An Overview of the Massively Multiplayer Online Game Phenomenon
 Durec, Tamara - John Baskerville
 Eccleston, Sarah - A report on the organization of graphic novels: An observational study of three urban branches within a large Canadian urban library system
 Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann - Past, Present, and Future? Canadian Children's Publishing in English
 Gariepy, Kenneth - A Proposal to Develop a 3-year Strategic Plan for the Helen Randal Library, College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia
 Goodwillie, Karyn - Evaluation of Thesaurus Enhanced Search Systems
 Janzen, Cameron - Middle East History: A bibliography of Internet resources for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle East History program
 Karr, Sharon - Resource Centre
 Kemp, Merrill - Alberta Bookmobile Service
 Ma, Aiyang - A Proposal to Investigate the Information-Seeking Behaviors of Chinese Students at Canadian Academic Libraries
 Mah, Karen - Information Literacy Online Centre
 Mead-Willis, Sarah - Neutral or Neutered? Intellectual Freedom as Social Responsibility
 Morrissey, Renee - Understanding ESL/International Studentsí Experiences Using Canadian Academic Libraries: A Proposal
 Reimer, James - The Story of the Title Page
 Rogoschewsky, Tanya - Readers' Advisory for Children and Young Adults: An Instructional Session
 Romaniuk, T. J. - Taking Comfort From Copyright: An Examination Of Open-Access Peer Reviewed Internet Based Journals
 Viegas, Dulce - The Learning Resources Centre: Assessing and Restructuring Library Space
 Whitehead, Michelle - A Proposal to Study Public Library Borrowers' Experiences With And Attitudes Toward Self-Checkout Systems
 Wood, Charles - A Case Study of a Reader: Mark

This collection contains HTML files submitted in 2006 by students graduating from the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. The students have each chosen a term paper or project which is representative of their best work during the program.

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