User Assessment

The primary users of this library site are those who study in the field of Chinese history, and the institutions and associations who are dedicated to develop the study of Chinese history. The individual users include researchers, scholars, academic staffs, and university students in history major. The organization users include the National History Research Association, the Shaanxi Provincial History Research Association, the Shaanxi Historical Library, the Shaanxi Provincial Historical Museum, and etc. Most of the users are the specialists in the field of history, and some of them are the part-time employees or specialized consultants of the library to collect and store the ancient works. Generally, the primary users require the update information in the field of history. They need good capabilities of learning the latest findings of the historical works in time, as well as gaining the information about the current professional conferences, instructions, and forums held by the library. The website is not only a "library" website, but also an academic information center in the certain field.

The primary users are not only in Xi'an city or in the province, even not only in China. Since Chinese History is a widely-studied subject, and Xi'an is the one of the most important cities in Chinese history, the users are probably all over the world, and may come from non-Chinese countries.

Since this library is a special library for the certain group, it is unfamiliar to the public, and consequently there is few people out of the field of history know this library. However, there are still many users know this website by googling the Internet, or from other channels. Therefore, these users, who are the secondary users of this website, are also broadly geographically distributed. They include those who are interested in the field of Chinese history, such as students in other majors, visitors of Xi'an, and individuals who has particular interests. Additionally, those who need information of ancient works to help the research in their own fields, such as artists, scholars in Chinese Literature Studies, and architecture designers, are also the secondary users. Besides, the organizations, associations, and corporations which donate to the library, or sponsor a particular research in the library also go to the website to look for related information. These users do not need very specialized knowledge, neither the most current academic developments. What they want is more general, may be to some extent very basic. The library and the instructions' information are more useful for them than the specialized one. It will be very friendly if the website is able to provide some introductions of Xi'an's history to these users.

In short, the most important mission of this website is to provide professional and academic information for their primary users. However, the basic and general information are also necessarily accessible on this website.