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The region of the Okanagan where the Kalamalka Public Library is situated is populated largely by retirees and young families. The area also has a large transitory population in the summer, when tourists flock to the region to enjoy the hot climate and the many different forms of recreation available.

The Okanagan also has many small businesses which cater to tourists, a large orchard farming community, many wineries and dairy farms. The Kalamalka Public Library serves the needs of all users by offering a diverse collection to satisy the varied interests and needs of the user population.

The primary users then include local residents of the community, small business as well as the farming/winery community, and the tourists who make use of the resources and services offered.

As well, Kalamalka is part of a larger community in central British Columbia situated along the Okanagan Lake, which stretches over one hundred miles and the region encompasses numerous small communities. It is expected that many members of these smaller communities will also be users of this website and of the library itself.

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