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Mission Statement:
“Imagination is the stepping stone to knowledge; begin your journey.”
The goal of the Kalamalka Public Library (KPL) is enrich the lives of the community through programs, services and by offering a diverse collection.

Kalamalka Public Library is situated in a small community in central Okanagan, British Columbia. The population of Kalamalka is approximately 45,000. The staff at the library includes:

  • chief librarian (& webmaster)
  • reference librarian
  • teen/children’s (special programs)
  • administrative & circulation clerk
  • two student shelvers
  • community volunteers -assist with programs, shelving and misc. tasks

The physical resources of KPL include a modest collection of 30,000 print (books, journals, and magazines) & multimedia (videos, DVDs, CDs) items. KPL belongs to the Interlibrary loan system in British Columbia and has access to the combined collections of all the libraries belonging to the same system. There are four Internet computer stations for member use.

The library offers photocopy and scanning facilities to the public at a small fee. There is a special collection for children/teens, with an area that is designed for their enjoyment and separate from the adult collection. There is a separate room for special programs, book club meetings and is available for general community use.

The library does not have an Online Public Access Catalogue, however, on site the public does have access to electronic online databases giving access to a myriad of magazines and newspapers.

The community of Kalamalka experiences a booming tourist season and as such caters to tourists each year. The type of services provided for tourists include local history print material, maps, recreation information, local accommodations available, including a Bed & Breakfast and campsite guide, and fax and Internet use, for a fee.


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