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The Capping Exercise: A Reflection

One of the objectives of LIS 600, the capping exercise, is to give an opportunity to the student to synthesize what has been learned in the MLIS program at the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS). However, this is meant to be a short reflection so suffice it to say that the learning curve in this program has been tremendous. I have been able to explore my interest in information architecture and web design, and the organization and management of information.

Through the courses and instruction available at SLIS and the continuing education opportunities available at the University of Alberta, I have been able to achieve a high level of competence and comfort in the digital environment. The sample of my work that follows is a beginner’s exploration of coding using HTML. I was tempted to re-design the site using CSS and Dreamweaver; however, the thought occurred to me that it would not then be a true representation of the original work which I was graded on.

The fictional Kalamalka Public Library website was the first of two websites designed as part of the course requirements for LIS 534 , Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability, taught by Dr. Lisa Given. This assignment was completed in February, 2004 and revised for the capping exercise in July, 2005.

The website that follows is a simple design intended for a small library and user population. The absence of an online catalogue or databases is not a reflection of a lack of interest in including these, but merely demonstrates the skill level at the time the assignment was completed, and reflects the amount of time available to ‘play’ with the new ideas that were being introduced.

The links include the written portion of the mini-library webdesign assignment. The organization is outlined, a visual map is included, the fictional users are outlined, and the final reflection on the process of learning to design and code a website is linked as well.

What has become clear to me over time, and with the evaluation of many other websites, is that many website designers do not take into account usability issues. The main focus of the design of this website was simplicity and usability. I believe that has been accomplished.

This website was designed by Janice Banser
Last updated July 21, 2005.