Teaching the Online Hansard
- An Instructional Session by C.J. de Jong

This website has been created to fulfill the capping requirements, LIS 600, of the Master of Library and Information Studies from the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. Here, you will find a digital version of the materials used to teach an instructional session for LIS 526: Instructional Strategies for Library and Information Professionals.

The aim of the assignment was to provide experience in organizing and conducting an instructional session. The session had to be designed to teach a tool to an audience of choice with an element of interaction, such as a class exercise. The focus for this session was to present the Online Hansard to search parliamentary debates for an audience of second year Political Science students.

Materials that were developed for this session included a lesson plan, a point of use guide for the students, an exercise for students to complete outside of the session, and an evalution of the session to be submitted by the students. In addition, a reflective paper was written to reflect on the teaching component of the session and to discuss the evaluations and completed assignments. You will find the preceding list of materials by using the menu on the left.