Capping Exercises - 2005

 Banser, Janice - Mini Library Web Design Project -- LIS 534
 Betz, Sonya - History, Scalds, and Sagas: the literary traditions of medieval Iceland
 Christoffersen, Shannon - Virtual Shelters: Optimizing Digital Reference Services To Meet the Information Needs of Abused Women
 de Jong, C.J. - Teaching the Online Hansard - An Instructional Session
 Dunbar, Jim - From Librarianship to Information Science and Knowledge Management: Changing Labels or Changing the Profession?
 Edwards, Michelle - Library Service to Oral Cultures: The Reality versus The Ideal
 Hart, Sandra - Vandalism in Libraries: Causes, Common Occurrences and Prevention Strategies
 Laflamme, Joanna - The illustrators Anthony Brown and Ian Wallace, and their interpretation of the story of "Hansel and Gretel" by Brothers Grimm.
 Leung, Maria - Thesaurus Construction Project
 Luthy, Genevieve - Digital Reference Services for Children
 Maynes, Warren - Graphic Novel Literacy
 Meert, Deborah - A History of the Vatican Library
 Miller, Christopher - Ethics and Principles In Library Building Accessibility
 Molberg, Keri - Database Design Project: Wet Paint Design School
 Robertson, Heather - Video Games and Young People: Learning, Literacy and Libraries
 Robinson, Mary-Ellen - The Daniel Press
 Rudolph, Arwen - Reflections on Thesaurus Construction
 Ryan, Jenny - Internet Filters: Censorship or Just Good Sense?
 Sherbaniuk, Patricia - "Keepers of the Truth": The Historical Role of the Archivist in Society
 Shi, Weiwei - Xi'an Historical Library Website Design Project
 Thomson, Valerie - Community Study Report: A Community Needs Assessment of a Central Alberta Town
 Vicente, Maria-Elizabeth - Digital Reference Services For Young Adults

This collection contains HTML files submitted in 2005 by students graduating from the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. The students have each chosen a term paper or project which is representative of their best work during the program.

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