School of Library and Information Studies
University of Alberta
Mini Library Web Design Project

This assignment was completed by Sheeba Kamran as part of LIS 534, Information Architechture: Web Design for Usability at the School of Library and Information Studies,University of Alberta. This assignment was chosen to fulfill the requirements of the LIS 600 Capping Exercise. It consists of two parts, Part 1 is the preparatory stage which deals with the organization description, user assessment and visual map of a fictional small town library, Wild Rose Public Library. Part 2 is the final stage which provides the website address (Wild Rose Public Library) and the reflections upon the entire construction of this website.

Part 1

Organization Description

User Assessment

Visual Map

Part 2

Wild Rose Public Library

Reflective Paper

This Website is fictional it was created by Sheeba Kamran on Dec 4,2004
as part of Capping exercise.This page was last updated on Dec 4, 2004.