Part One

About the Library

User Assessment

Original Visual Map of Kidzone

Part Two

Kidzone Website

Re-evaluation of User Assessment

Design Issues

Building the Site


Reflective Paper

Sherdon Public Library's Kidzone

This assignment was completed by Leanne Drury for LIS 534, Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability, a class taught by Dr. Lisa Given at the School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta. This assignment was chosen to fulfill the requirements of the LIS 600 Capping Exercise and was formatted appropriately for digital presentation. All elements of Sherdon Public Library are fictional and any similarities to real towns or organizations are coincidental.

Part One

The preparatory stage in which the fictional organization is described and a user assessment takes place. The initial site plan is developed and website construction begins.

Part Two

Includes the final website and reflections upon the entire development process.