Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability

by Ina Smith


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Divorce Survival Guide



The Web provides easy access to information but this does not mean that all information on the Web is easily accessed. Web designers need to be aware of the importance of creating usable webspace for their site's audience. This website highlights work completed during my study of Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability.

Creating a Mini-Site

The focus of this particular assignment was to create a 'mini-site' for a library/information service of an organization of our choice, based either on a real organization, or a hypothetical one that could reasonably exist in the world.

I chose to create the Divorce Survival Guide, an online resource guide for a hypothetical community organization whose mandate is to provide information to individuals and families in the Edmonton area who are experiencing crisis or distress due to marital breakdown.

This site was created by Ina Smith for LIS 600: Capping Exercise
School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta
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