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She May. She May Not.

Blogging and Multimedia: Form Equals Function

"This site was created by Brenda Raynard to fulfill the requirements of the Capping Exercise
(LIS 600) in completion of a Masters in Library and Information Studies
from the School of Library and Information Studiesat theUniversity of Alberta. "

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Several years ago I had the opportunity to watch the film "waydowntown" by Calgarian director, Gary Burns, in a most unusual way. The film was screened on a huge white sheet hung on the outside of a building in the middle downtown Edmonton on a hot summer's night. Those of us fortunate enough to view this event created the 'theatre' by bringing our lawnchairs to the adjoining parking lot. Drinks and snacks were served by the sponsoring design society and, after the film, the director gave a talk. An unusual experience -- not utterly unlike the nearly extinct drive-ins of yore -- but unique in its own way.

I recognized the not-so-subtle irony of watching a film about a group of young, entry-level management employees compete to see who could remain inside for the longest period of time while I was at ease in the warm outdoors. I was aware of the the sounds of the city surrounding us as well as the ominous sense of an approaching thunderstorm seemingly sent to remind us that, ultimately, we are always at the mercy of the environment (the rain began shortly after the event ended).

There was, however, a great deal going on that I was not consciously aware of at the time. For instance, until the multimedia course LIS 585: Multimedia Texts for Young People I wouldn't have considered watching movies an act of 'reading' simply and obviously because text is not involved. However, through the course of the term as our minds were expanded with regards to the elasticity of the definition of text and reading and how each of us is literate in a variety of media -- beyond text -- I came to absorb and then expand my own definitions of reading and my experiences in the world.

About This Project

This project was my submission as my final paper for the above-mentioned course. It represents the purest means I could create at the time in order to express my all-encompassing heightened awareness of new concepts as well as the experience of my day-to-day integration of those concepts. I felt early on in the course that I was overwhelmed with the barrage of abstract ideas and the best way to process these ideas would be in the form of an online journal, a weblog. As such I chose to utilize my newfound skills in the Information Architecture course I was simultaneously enrolled in and created a weblog entitled She May.She May Not.


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