Capping Exercises - 2004

 Bergen, Paul - Preserving Palm Leaf Manuscripts and Parabaiks in Southeast Asia: Finding Appropriate Strategies in Difficult Circumstances
 Bewick, Kimberley - Teaching The Public Library Catalogue to Seniors: An Instruction Session
 Borg, Jodie - Librarianship and the Open Source Movement
 Boyd, Anwen - Providing Digital Reference Services to Young Adults
 Braun, Mary - The Civil Rights Movement's Effect on Libraries
 Dolman, Heather - The St. Albert Public Library Summer Reading Game: Do Children's Reading Levels Change over the Course of the Game?
 Drozd, Stuart - An Introduction to the History and Mechanisms of Music Publishing in Canada
 Drury, Leanne - Mini-Library Web Design Project: Sherdon Public Library's Kidzone
 Faid, Alison - A New Librarian's Introduction to Sound Archives
 Franchuk, Judith - Phenomenology vs. Grounded Theory: The Appropriate Approach to Use to Study the Perspectives of Instructional Librarians on Their Roles in Information Literacy Education for Undergraduates
 Friesen, Carol - Public Libraries and Private Sector Partnerships: Possibilities, Problems and the Democratic Role of Libraries
 Harmata, Linda - Digital Reference Service for Business Executives
 Hartwell, Benita - Truth + Lies = Library: LIS Discourses on Holocaust Denial Literature
 Jorgensen, Jan - The National Film Board of Canada: An Agency of Canadian Cultural Hegemony
 Kamran, Sheeba - Mini Library Web Design Project
 Kozina, Ivana - Optimal Digital Reference Service for Children
 Moir, Sean - The Archives Society of Alberta: A Quarter Century of Service
 Poliakevitch, Tatiana - Virtual and Traditional Libraries: Philosophical Aspects of Their Relationships
 Profiri, Chris - Hollywood Film Preservation
 Raynard, Brenda - She May. She May Not. Blogging and Multimedia: Form Equals Function
 Smith, Ina - Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability
 Watson, Lisa - Digital Reference Services for Social Scientists
 Wilson, Virginia - The Information Needs of Primary Care Physicians: Digital Reference Service
 Zimmerschied, Diana - Colonization Webquest

This collection contains HTML files submitted in 2004 by students graduating from the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. The students have each chosen a term paper or project which is representative of their best work during the program.

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