The Rise of Printing in China and its Impact on the West

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The Evolution of Printing

Chinese Book Culture

The Spread of Printing Technology


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This paper examines the evolution of printing in China and the overall impact that it had on Europe as it migrated westward. Several topics are addressed in this paper and include the initial origins of printing in Tang China (618 906); the full emergence of Chinese book culture during the Sung dynasty (960 1279); the gradual spread of printing technology westward and the possible reasons for this migration; the arrival of printing in Medieval Europe; and the resulting impact that printing had upon western culture and society. The final conclusion reached is that China and printing technology had a profound impact upon the west from the rise of European nationalism to the spread of Galileo Galilee's (1564 1642) revolutionary ideas in astronomy.


This paper was originally written for LIS 586: History of the Book, a course offered by the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. It has been made into a web document to fulfill the requirements of LIS 600: Capping Exercise.

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