Mac as a Reader of Digital Reading Materials: A Case Study

Research Design and Methodology

Presenting Mac

Mac's Selection of Reading Materials

Mac's Reading Experiences: Images in His Mind's Eye

Mac's Critical Reasons for Reading Digital Formats


Appendix A

Appendix B






This research examines the reading selection and reading behaviours of Mac*, a person who reads predominantly digital reading materials. Digital reading materials, for this article, will refer to websites, digital or electronic journal articles, both popular and scholarly, online news portal articles, and digitized books, both fiction and non-fiction. These materials are read on computers or PDAs, in the case of this study, a laptop computer and a PalmPilot. Digital reading materials are obtained in a variety of ways from websites, news groups, listservs, or emails, and can be read immediately online, or can be downloaded and read at a later time. This research aims to find out Mac's views and behaviours on reading and why he primarily reads digital reading materials.

* Mac is a pseudonym for the man interviewed for this case study on reading. He will be referred to as Mac for the entirety of this article.


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