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The Pre-Hiring Process

Job Analysis

Job Description

Person Specification



Performance Testing

The Final Decision

Initiation and Orientation


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Recruitment and Selection in Libraries

As the success of a library depends first and foremost on the quality of its staff, recruitment and selection of new staff members is an issue of vital importance to all libraries. Following an examination of recent literature on recruitment and selection, several current best practices were identified for library settings. This essay presents the recommended process as a series of steps from the initial pre-hiring process through to the final decision.

"Picking the Best: Recruitment and Selection in Libraries" was originally written for LIS 545: Management of Resources in Library and Information Settings, a course offered by the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. The essay has been made into a web document to fulfill the requirements of LIS 600: Capping Exercise, the final project for the completion of the Master of Library and Information Studies Degree.

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