A Community Study of the
English as a Second Language Program at
the Lakeview Meadows Community College in
Mill Woods
by Elizabeth Hamid
Table of Contents
Executive Summary The following is a hypothetical study based on an English as a Second Language program in a fictional college in South Edmonton. The elements of the study that were based on fact involved the description of the requirements of the ESL program, and the demographic descriptions of the Mill Woods and Meadows communities. Definitions of what is real and what is fiction are included in the letter to Dr. Mackey(APPENDIX I).

The primary purpose of the study was to demonstrate the present and future need for English as a Second Language classes in the Mill Woods community, and the resulting need for a viable collection of resource materials to support the program.

The study was completed to fulfil the requirements of the LIS 531 (Collection Management) course offered by the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta and was converted to HTML to fulfill the requirements of the LIS 600 Capping Exercise.

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Collection of Data
Implications for the Library