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By Ariel W. Collins

This bibliography was finished in the spring of 2002 as part of a directed study on library services to poor people. It consists of 110 titles each of which are at least 4 pages in length or longer. I categorized each of the titles according to the type of article it was (either research, practice, viewpoint, literature review, or bibliography), and at the same time, I also attached at least one (and up to four) subject terms to each title. This was done so that anyone interested would be able to see at a glance the type and subject of any of the titles in the bibliography.

I have made the bibliography browsable in a number of ways so that it can be easily accessed according to the needs of the person meandering through it. The entire bibliograpy is presented in reverse chronological order in a format that can easily be printed off if one so desires this. The bibliography can also be accessed by author's last name, by subject heading, and by the article types mentioned above. There is also a full listing of the subject headings with descriptions or clarifications which is presented in a printable format as well (see subject glossary). Links to each browsable area are provided at the left, and there are also listings and links provided to other related book or Web resources that might be of interest.

For those interested in a bit of background in terms of how I came up with the titles in this bibliography, as well as some suggestions for further research in this area (based on my having read through and indexed 110 titles in this subject area) please proceed to the overview and conclusion sections of this site. It is my hope that people who are interested in this subject area will find this site to be a useful tool in terms of getting a sense of the type of literature that is out there, and the concepts that run through it.


This site was created by Ariel W. Collins, c2003, for the University of Alberta course EDIT 535.