Capping Exercises - 2003

 Anderson, Sandra - Bibliomania and the Medieval Book Curse
 Balfour, Regan - Equal Work for Unequal Pay: An Annotated Bibliography on Pay Equity and Salaries in Librarianship
 Cameron, Jennifer - Recruitment and Selection in Libraries
 Collins, Ariel - Bibliography on Library Services to Poor People
 Cook, Rebecca - Exploring Reader Identity: A Case Study
 Donovan, Terry - The Invention of Printing and the Spread of Literacy
 Evenson, Nancy - Early Printing in Eastern Canada
 Forst, Caroline - Mini-library Web Design Project
 Fraser, Andrew - Educate first, agitate afterwards: British Working Class Libraries
 Fraser, Linda - Femme Noir: Fatale Attraction
 Gibson, Tannis and Angie Mandeville - The Centre for Subatomic Research Website: A Report on Usability and Information Architecture
 Graff, Marianne - Library Consortia Resource Site
 Greenhalgh, Stephen - The Rise of Printing in China and its Impact on the West
 Grønnestad, Wendy - Canadian Carnegie Libraries Outside of Ontario
 Gullacher, Darcy - Teaching the ATLA Religion Database: A Guide
 Hamid, Elizabeth - A Community Study of the English as a Second Language Program at the Lakeview Meadows Community College in Mill Woods
 Johnston, Kat - Mac as a Reader of Digital Reading Materials: A Case Study
 Kerravala, Perrin - Thesaurus Construction: An Online Guide
 Lacroix, Denis - A Community Study of the Bibliothèque Saint-Jean
 LaFace, Jocelyn - Marketing in Public Libraries: Annotated Bibliography
 L'Heureux, Liz - Edmonton Centre for Literacy
 Marshall, Christine - Liber Cronicarum: A History of the World from Nuremberg, Germany
 McKenzie, Kathy - Corporate Sponsorship and the Public Domain
 Morrow, Leeanne - Heartless Librarians International
 Petrisor, Christina - Part of a Day in the Life of a Reference Librarian at Arnold Guebert Library
 Power, Norma Anne - School Teachers Helping Children with Grief
 Roppo, Dino - PubMed Tutorial
 Sandor, Albert - Archival Arrangement Reconsidered
 Saranchuk, Georgina - A New Index for the Graduate Program Manual of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta
 Schmidt, Jane - Age Grove Public Library
 Sivak, Allison - Across Time and Space: Reading Comics
 Wickramasekara, Mica - Electronic Records Management in Government Settings: Issues and Perspectives
 Wurmann, Kirsten - Community Study for the Public Library in Golden, British Columbia
 Xue, Nonie - Studying Chinese Women: A Resource Guide

This collection contains HTML files submitted in 2003 by students graduating from the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. The students have each chosen a term paper or project which is representative of their best work during the program.

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